Powerful Productivity for Municipal Planning and Building Departments

Don’t you love it when a plan comes together? So do we.

That’s why we created Cascade.

Cascade software dramatically streamlines the permitting function enabling citizens, contractors, inspectors, and departmental staff to communicate efficiently and transparently throughout the process. You’ll be amazed how much time Cascade saves you entering data, calculating fees, and generating reports—all in one secure, easy-to-use environment.

Cascade’s cloud-based solution automates, monitors, and expedites applications, plan reviews, inspections, and approvals, supercharging your department’s productivity while saving you astonishing amounts of time and effort in the process. Best of all, Cascade works with any permit-issuing department such as building, planning, fire, public works, and other municipal offices.

The Benefits

Cascade software was developed by municipal planning and building department specialists just like you, and designed specifically with your needs in mind. Born from real-world experience serving many Northern Colorado communities, this powerful, highly-customizable solution is now available to cities and towns all across the country.

Time Savings

  • Dramatically reduced reporting time
  • Fewer errors and less rework

Streamlined Processes

  • Simplified data entry
  • More permits with less hassle
  • Automated email notifications to all relevant parties


  • Full visibility into the permitting process
  • Access to status reports and updates
  • No hidden fees or surprises


  • Fully-supported and documented
  • Online and technical phone support available

When it comes to results, our customers say it best.

“Fort Lupton has finally gone digital! We started using Cascade in October of 2020. Since then, Cascade has made our permitting and licensing process run smoother and helped us link our departments together to provide a better service to our applicants.”

What are you waiting for?

Schedule a demo today and experience Cascade for yourself.