It’s the middle of summer and temperatures are spiking all around the state, but Southern Colorado has suddenly become a hot market in more ways than one. Several smaller municipalities in the lower part of the Centennial State have recently expressed interest in Cascade Software to help them streamline their permitting and inspection processes and boost their productivity.

Our team’s presence at the Colorado Municipal League’s annual conference in Breckenridge in June might have something to do with that. We met a lot of great people there and were more than happy to demo our solution for them. Our team has also been working hard over the past several months to generate additional awareness about Cascade, and not just here in Colorado. We’ve been spreading the word about Cascade all around the country and people are starting to talk!

Hearing about Cascade is one thing—seeing it in action is entirely another! The best way to experience all the ways your small-town permitting department can benefit from Cascade is to schedule a noobligation demo.