Have you noticed it? All the telltale signs are there—kids back in school, days getting shorter, parents breathing a collective sigh of relief. Yep, it’s September, that most wonderful/not wonderful time of the year regarded by municipal building departments across the land with a strange mixture of optimism and apprehension.

Budget season. Two words that have the power to either inspire hope or strike fear into the hearts of administrators everywhere. An annual inflection point that has both the power to empower us or weigh us down, depending on how things go. Pivotal decisions are being determined, and the future (the next 12 months, at least) hangs in the balance.

At Cascade Software, we love budget season. Why? Because our entire reason for being is to help towns everywhere prosper and thrive by streamlining processes, improving communications, boosting productivity, increasing revenues, and effectively managing costs.

When you consider the advantages of implementing Cascade Software in any municipal permitting or licensing department, budgeting season represents an opportunity for even more town administrators to positively impact the trajectory of their entire communities—and not just for 12 months. Cascade is packed with advanced features that continue to deliver value year after year which, in turn, makes budgeting season a whole lot more fun for everyone!