Today is that much-revered and celebrated observance, “Embrace Your Geekness Day,” and as you might expect all of us at Cascade Software are pretty pumped about it! It’s not every day that the world stops to appreciate software engineers for who they are—technological wizards who use their binary superpowers for good.

Make no <error>, when it comes to dramatically streamlining the permitting <function>, Cascade Software can help you CONTROL costs and SHIFT your department’s efficiency and productivity to a whole new level.

• Dramatically reduced reporting time
• Fewer errors and less rework
• Simplified data entry
• More permits with less hassle
• Automated email notifications to relevant parties
• Full visibility into the permitting process
• Access to status reports and updates
• No hidden fees or surprises
• Fully-supported and documented
• Online and technical phone support available
If you’re ready to reboot your department and score some big-time bonus points with your local building community, you should let us <SysConfig> a free demo for you!