Given the fact that the well-known phrase “work smarter, not harder” has been part of the workplace lexicon for decades, it’s hard to believe someone actually designated a day to honor the exact opposite—working harder, not smarter.

Call us old school, but Cascade Software was built on the promise of making life easier, more productive, and more efficient for municipal permitting and building departments, not about glorifying overwork and spending ridiculous hours in the office on a pedestal. Cascade Software streamlines your processes and enhances communications with all of your department’s stakeholders to help you transform your supercharge your department into a powerhouse of efficiency and productivity. Now that is definitely a smart choice, not a difficult one.

Today is a great day to start working smarter, not harder. Contact us today to set up a demo and see for yourself how Cascade’s robust features can make a profound positive impact on your permitting departments—in the cloud, on the ground, and in your office.