If a software could actually celebrate, Cascade would be swinging from a virtual chandelier somewhere in cyberspace and building departments everywhere would be invited to the party. We’re all about enabling owners, contractors, inspectors, and departmental staff to communicate efficiently and transparently throughout the entire permitting process.

Cascade supercharges departmental productivity by saving everyone considerable time and effort, which a great reason in itself to celebrate on every other day of the year.

  • Save Time – Dramatically reduce reporting time and enjoy fewer errors and less rework
  • Streamline Processes – Simplify data entry, generate more permits with less hassle, and automate notifications
  • Enable Transparency – Create full visibility into the permitting process with access to status reports and updates and not hidden fees or surprises

International Access to Information Day comes but once a year, but you can have your permitting productivity cake and eat it too any time you want…with Cascade Software.